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Coronavirus Update for May 3rd

Dear Church,

We want to keep you updated on the coronavirus situation in regard to reopening for assembly again. We will NOT be open for assembly on May 3rd. We are meeting today (April 26th) to discuss the best way to reopen and how to conduct worship under the guidelines given by the government. We hope, along with you, to open soon, but we do not want to rush the process and risk undoing the good that social distancing has done. Please continue to be praying for us as we meet so that we will have the wisdom to do best practice in our reopening.

We will continue to post videos as normal. Below is a summary of what to expect throughout the week: Sunday, May 3rd - NEW Kids Vids at 8 AM

NEW Adult Bible class at 9:30 AM

LIVE worship service on Facebook at 10:30 AM

(note: worship will be uploaded by 2 PM on Sunday on our website)

Monday, May 4th - RERUN Kids Vids at 8 AM

Tuesday, May 5th - NEW Kids Vids at 8 AM

Wednesday, May 6th - NEW Kids Vids at 8 AM

LIVE Prayer Service on Facebook at 7 PM

Be on the lookout for encouraging videos on marriage, family, cooking, and more throughout the week on Facebook as well. We encourage you to share all of these videos with others as well.

You may continue to mail or drop-off your collection at the building (Mon-Thurs, 9-3 PM) if you desire to do so. Lord's Supper supplies are available as well if you need them. Most of all we covet your prayers and encourage you to continue to reach out along with us to the rest of the congregation through calls, letters, and other messages.

If you have a prayer request or just want to talk with someone for a bit you can call anyone of us at the numbers below:

Bill Zuker Kevin Nelson Leon Couch 918-527-8336 918-606-4907 918-855-0410

Tony Keesee Jack Dodgen 918-284-9084 405-618-6284

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