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Coronavirus Update for April 19th 2020

Dear Church,

The ministry team here at Mannford Church of Christ continues to meet to discuss the best course of action to take during this time of social distancing. It is our belief that worship should continue to be conducted by the ministry team here, hosted live to Facebook and published later (around 2 PM) in audio and video form on

We are encouraged and thankful for the response we have received from our "Kids Vids" children Bible class videos. For the last three weeks we have posted four videos each week to YouTube, Facebook, and our website. This week will change that schedule slightly. We will now be posting three NEW videos each week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and sharing a previously filmed "Kids Vids" on Monday. We believe this will continue to serve our children and the children of the community well while also freeing us up for some new opportunities. Opportunities like...

This Wednesday (April 22nd) we will be continuing our live prayer service via Facebook. We encourage you to join us and pray along with us as we pray for healing and comfort during this difficult time. We will also begin highlighting videos from other people on topics like anxiety, marriage, finances, Bible studies and more on our Facebook page to provide additional help during this time. In addition to these things we will continue to post a prerecorded class on Ephesians for our adults on Sundays at 9:30 AM on our website, YouTube and Facebook pages. Below is a simplified schedule highlighting our upload plan.

Sunday, April 19th – NEW Prerecorded Children’s Video (8 AM) NEW Prerecorded Adult Bible Class (9:30 AM) Live Worship Video (10:30 AM)

Monday, April 20th - Rerun Children's Video

Tuesday, April 21st - NEW Prerecorded Children’s Video (8 AM)

Wednesday, April 22nd - NEW Prerecorded Children’s Video (8 AM)

NEW Live Prayer Service (7 PM)

We have individual communion cups which will be available for pick-up at the building from 9 AM-3 PM Monday-Thursday. If you cannot make it to the building at these times and do not have a key, call one of us and we will come to let you in.

Funds continue to be necessary for expenses owed by the church. As quarantine continues financial strains will only become more difficult for everyone. Please DO NOT feel pressured to give, but if you are able or desire to do so you can send your contribution by mail to Mannford P.O. Box 9 or bring your contribution to the office Monday-Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Most importantly, we strongly encourage everyone to reach out to their church family. God did not create us to live in isolation. Start with your Salt and Light groups and give those in your group a call. Though apart from each other physically, we remain His body (Eph. 1:15-23). We encourage you also to continue to reach out with your prayer requests. We continue to meet and pray for all requests. If you would like to call one of us personally please call us at the numbers listed below or email us your prayer request to

We cannot wait until the day when we are present in body again, but until then we continue to be one in spirit (Col. 2:5). We continue to solicit your cooperation, communication, patience, and prayers during this time. Thank you.

Bill Zuker Kevin Nelson Leon Couch 918-527-8336 918-606-4907 918-855-0410

Tony Keesee Jack Dodgen 918-284-9084 405-618-6284

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