Lessons Learned from our Community Prayer Service

This past Sunday evening the Prayers for our Children community prayer service we’ve been anticipating took place. It was a beautiful night of prayer to God. Here are few takeaways I had from that night:

First, the evening was encouraging. Every prayer was led by a father of one of the families hear. Watching these men, some who have never prayed publicly and some who have on several occasions, stand before us to lead was encouraging. These are the kinds of men who make up deacons and elders in the church. Thank you for you encouraging example.

Second, the evening was evangelistic. Several visitors joined us for this night of prayer and they were greeted with the conversation and care you show everyone when they arrive. The event, which can be watched on our website, was also shared to Facebook and reached out to many who were not able to attend.

Third, the evening was evidential. 116 people attended the prayer service. That kind of attendance is evidence that you believe in prayer and what it can accomplish.

There are lessons to be learned in everything. May the lessons learned from this night of prayer continue to encourage you as you continue to reach out to the community and prove your faith and trust in God.

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