He Sees You

Hagar was nothing more than a slave woman from Egypt to Abram and Sarai, at least until they received the promise that one day Abraham’s offspring would number more than the stars in the sky (Gen. 15:5). Not knowing how God would fulfill this promise in their old age, to Abram and Sarai, Hagar became someone to use and abuse to bring about the fulfillment of this promise (Gen. 16:1-5). The end result? Harsh treatment and anger from Sarai (Gen. 16:6).

The theme of “sight” plays a major role in the life of Hagar (Gen. 16:13, 14; 21:16, 19). To Abram and Sarai, Hagar was nothing more than a slave, but to God she was so much more. God saw Hagar for who she really was, a soul whom He loved.

We have the desire to be seen. We want to be noticed. We don’t know exactly how Hagar felt, but I have to imagine she was desperate to be seen as more than an Egyptian slave. God saw her for what she was, and He sees us for what we are as well. To God you are important. No matter what others think about you or see in you, God sees you for who you really are, a valuable soul.

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