God is Listening

Hannah was relentlessly taunted and depressed beyond what she could bear. All she wanted was a child. The opening chapter of 1 Samuel is a roller coaster of emotions. Hannah goes from depressed to joyful in a matter of verses, but the actual amount of time it took to get there was vast.

Hannah was a part of a very religious family. “Year by year” they went up from their city to go down to Shiloh to worship God (1:3, 21). Each time they went down, Peninnah Elkanah’s other wife, verbally assaulted Hannah over her barrenness. This left Hannah depressed and unwilling even to eat (1:6-7). Through all of this her faith remained, and she prayed and prayed in the temple for a child (1:15-18). Ultimately, God provided her with a child (and even more following Samuel; 1:20; 2:21), all as a result of her faithful praying.

Last week we talked about our desire to be heard. In a world full of content, it we have room to speak, but no one is really listening. God is listening to us, however, and waiting to answer our pleas to Him just as He’s done for all His faithful from the beginning.

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