A Sense of Belonging

A few years ago, I was able to travel to Ghana, West Africa for a month. After a few weeks of teaching in the preaching school there, I spent a couple days alone in a hotel room in the city of Accra waiting for my departure date to arrive. If I wanted food, I had to go out and get it and every time, though the people were very friendly, I couldn’t shake the feeling of lonesomeness I felt. I was surrounded by people, and yet I felt alone.

All of us, to some degree, want to feel like we belong. We look for belonging in hobbies, people, online, and in our occupation. Ultimately, these things cannot provide the need of belonging we have.

This Sunday begins our sermon series called “Social Needia” a series examining where we go to look for fulfillment, why these places fail, and how Jesus is the only One who can truly address our needs. In Jesus, we find belonging. Find out how this Sunday morning at 10:30.

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