What it Takes to be a Hero

It’s week’s like this past one that leave me encouraged. We had a tremendous Vacation Bible School this year. 50+ children came every night to learn about what it means to be a hero of God. Throughout their classes and craft time they learned about what it means to have courage, why it’s important to listen, how trust in God can overcome any fear, and how acts of kindness can shape the world into a better place.

The greatest source of learning however was not the crafts or classes. It was you. Every time you stopped to listen to a child you showed them how to be a hero of God. Every time you spoke kind words and smiled and waved at these children you showed them how to be a hero of God. Your attendance and willingness to step in when you were needed showed these children how to be a hero of God.

It’s not the cape and mask that makes you a hero. It’s not “being faster than a speeding bullet” or being “able to jump a tall building in a single bound.” It’s hearts desiring to do the will of God that makes a hero. You were the heroes this week and every week and as a result of your example, these children will go on to be heroes too. Thank you church for you tremendous example.

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