Thank You For Your Work on VBS

Some might think it a bit presumptuous to thank someone for an event that has yet to occur, but I know this church.

I know that Monday through Thursday each night there will be plenty of volunteers.

I know that we will have chaperones for each group, and more than enough cookies for every child.

I know that Thursday you will not only bring a bunch of homemade ice cream, but that you will be walking around introducing yourself and having conversation with those who have come from the community.

I know that each night I will be asked “how can I help” by so many of you because you want to serve and make this the best VBS possible.

I am thankful for this congregation here in Mannford. I am thankful for your heart, service, and love for the lost. Even though VBS hasn’t happened yet, I know how it will turn out because I know what kind of people you are. Thank you.

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