Hopefilled People See What God Has Provided Them

As a bit of an impatient reader growing up, there was always a temptation to flip to the end of the book, skipping over the boring middle section, to see how the story was going to play out. Before you get upset with me for doing something so barbaric, consider that you may have been doing the same with certain Bible books for years.

After Joshua and the people of Israel conquer Jericho and Ai, we are given chapter after chapter discussing the battles Israel fought to overtake the Promised Land and how that land was divided up among the people of God. We typically skip over all of this information and get right into the famous “as for me and my house” verse of chapter 24. This is a mistake, especially when it comes to the idea of being hopefilled, since the chapters covering the conquering and dividing of the land have a lot to tell us about overcoming hopelessness. This is seen in the 3 verse wrap-up over chapter 21:43-45 which tells us that God provided for Israel the land and defeat of their enemies, just as He promised He would.

Old Testament accounts like this should encourage us in our times of hopelessness. God never fails to deliver on His promises. All Israel needed to do in to overcome hopelessness was to look around at what God had given them. The same is true for the Christian today. God has provided you with much, and He promises to do even more in bringing us to our eternal rest with Him in heaven (Heb. 4:1-9).

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