Giving God Your Best

Distraught over the differences between his house and God's house, David speaks to Nathan about building a great house for the Lord (2 Sam. 7:1-29). Though his intentions are good, the Lord's house is not for David to build, that being said, the Lord rewards David for his heart and desire. Following this David gives God the best that he can give Him, a prayer of thankfulness and praise.

God expects our best. We know this, but many of us hold back our best because, well, our best doesn't seem good enough. This chapter serves as a great example of what God expects from us. The prayer of David is not a gift that matches what God has given David, but it's the best he can bring and to God that is good enough. This is David's best, and that all God expects.

Think of all the things you do not do because you don't think your best is good enough. Think of all the work that hasn't been done, all the people that haven't been influenced, and all the growth in your life that has been stunted because you don't think your best is good enough. All David could do was offer a prayer, God took David's best and made great things happen.

Don't allow the fear of not being good enough keep you from living for God. Give Him your best and let Him work from there.

Today's ACTION:

Pray this prayer today:

Father, I pray that I would always try to give you the best I have to offer. I know I will fail and fall short, but I know that you can take my failures and turn them into successes. Thank you God for your wonderful gifts. I pray that I respond to you the best I can. Please take my fear away and instead let You rule in my heart. Amen.


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