Celebrity Obsession

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Every time I write that sentence, I am reminded of our culture’s obsession with celebrity. Growing up in the age of social media has taught many that they need to go out of their way to earn “likes” and “follows” from their peers. We want our opinions to be liked and thoughts to be heard. We want to be known.

In 1 Kings 20:13 we read of a prophet who comes to tell Ahab how the Lord will provide him victory against Ben-Hadad of Syria. Who is this prophet? We are never told. This prophet is simply doing his job, and his name is never given to us in the biblical record.

If I asked you who you favorite Bible character is, you’d give me a name. David, Ruth, Esther, Paul. We don’t think about the nameless people of God who went about doing their work every day.

God does.

To God, the nameless are not worthless, they are faithful, stewards of what He has entrusted them with. Their name may not be in lights, but they will be numbered with the saints.

In a culture that craves attention, pursue faithfulness. Do not look for followers, but instead follow Jesus and become more like Him. The world may never know who you are, but God does.

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