It Is Enough

Go, return on your way…” (1 Kings 19:15)

These words came from the Lord to the prophet Elijah when he was at his wits end. Elijah was done fighting, done feeling alone, and done running. “It is enough”, he said to the Lord, “take away my life” (19:4).

Can you relate?

God’s people are not immune to failure, and certainly not immune from the feeling of failure. Busy schedules, social pressures, work demands, health concerns, expectations, financial burdens and a number of other stresses can leave us feeling like Elijah does here.

To Elijah’s pain God provides for him (19:5-8) reminds Elijah of who his God is (19:11-13) and encourages him to keep going (19:15). “Go, return on your way” is a push for Elijah to get back out there and keep doing what he is doing.

Elijah, and the work he did as God’s prophet, was enough. It may not always feel like it, but you are too. Do not allow yourself to resign to sorrow, but instead to keep going “on your way” doing the best you can for the Lord.

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