What God Provides For and Expects From His Followers

God expects a lot out of those that follow Him, but He also provides for His followers to a great degree. In our reading today (Dt. 7:1-26) these two truths are prominently shown through God's example and teaching to Israel. Here's what this passage shows us:

God Provides Victory (7:1, 2) - The opening verses of this text tell us what God has done or will do. We are told that God will bring them into the land and that He will give the enemy over to them. These action words of God continue throughout the section as well (see how many you can find!). God is the One who has provided and will provide for Israel. The same truth is true for us today.

God Keeps His Promises...And Expects Us to Keep Ours (7:9-11) - God, in this section, is noted to be "faithful" who "keeps covenant and steadfast love" and "keeps His commandments, to a thousand generations". Notice though that this is in reference "to those who love Him" (7:9). God takes care of those on His side, but those against Him will be treated as an enemy (7:10). God is faithful to keep His promises, both good and bad, and He expects us to keep our covenant promises with Him.

God Rewards Obedience (7:12-15) - For those that faithfully remain with God, there is a reward. In the case of Israel, they would never lack anything they needed. Health, food, and enemies would all be taken care of. In the New Testament, Jesus tells us that if we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, God will take care of our needs (Mt. 6:31-34).

God is Greater Than Everything Else (7:17, 24, 25) - At the end of the text, Israel is given a warning. Earlier they were told not to intermarry with the people of the land due to the temptation of idolatry. At the end of the text the Lord warns them not to fear earthly kings, follow idols, or covet silver and gold because, at the end of the day, none of it compares to the God they serve. It is from this final part of the text that we will get our question and application for the day.

Today's QUESTION(S):

What "idols" do people today struggle with? What is it that tempts you to move away from God?

Today's ACTION:

Identify what idol you struggle with and pray for the strength to avoid that idol and the temptation to replace God with it.


The "Five Minutes with God" articles serve as expansions on the daily Bible study book by the same name. To follow along in this study with us, buy your own copy of the book here or pick up a free copy at the Mannford Church of Christ.

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