Our Upcoming Spring Bible Classes

As the Bible class goes, so goes the church.” Bible class is an important part of a church’s ecosystem. Bible class is a time when we can gradually work through a text or topic together in a more relaxed environment. This time of discussion is vital to not only your personal understanding of the Bible, but to our growth as a church. Here are some of the great subjects we’re studying this upcoming Bible class quarter (March-May):

Following In His S.T.E.P.S. – a class on how we can learn from Jesus how to better serve, teach, exemplify, pray, and sacrifice. This class will be taught by Tony Keesee Sunday mornings in the auditorium.

How to Study the Bible – this is a hands-on class that will offer practical ways to approach personal Bible study. This class will be taught by Jack Dodgen Sunday mornings to the middle / high school class.

Legacy – on Wednesday nights, Jack Dodgen will continue his class on 1st and 2nd Kings and how to develop generational faithfulness in our families. This class will meet in the auditorium.

God’s Eternal Plan – this class will explore the eternal plan of God and will be taught by Tony Keesee Wednesday evenings to the middle / high school students.

Doing Life – Our new class for 20 and 30 year old singles and young families begins this quarter! They will be talking about Doing Life, how to develop relationships, faith, and why we need each other. This class will be taught by Darren Harris along with special guest teacher Wayne Roberts (in March).

We hope to see you at Bible class this quarter. Not only will you grow, but the church will grow and be encouraged by your presence and study.

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