You Can't Stop God

This past Sunday, a church member came up to me to ask me about becoming a teacher, even though he wasn't very experienced or comfortable with the idea of teaching. His reasoning? The topic of teaching had come up several times to him the past few months and he didn't want to close a door that God was trying to open.

In our reading today (Exodus 6:1-13) we read of Israel at the beginning stages of her Exodus from Egypt. After years of slave labor, it was time for Israel to be delivered to from their bondage and taken to a new land God had prepared for them where they could be free. The only problem? Egypt was strong and there was no way they'd let their slave labor pack up and leave town freely. The solution? God was in control, and there is no stopping God.

When Moses initially speaks to the people of Israel telling them about God's plan they do not listen to Moses and, in that sense, try to stop God's plan (6:9). Moses is then told to speak to pharaoh instead, but his previous experience with Israel causes him to doubt God claiming that, if Israel won't listen, pharaoh certainly won't (6:12). If we were to continue reading into the next few chapters we would see how pharaoh tried to stop the plans of God by stubbornly ignoring the plagues He sent.

Every attempt to stop God's plan, purposeful or not, is ultimately unsuccessful because no amount of faithlessness, excuse-making, or stubbornness will stop God from bringing about His plans for us.

The Bible is full of examples of those who tried to stop God and they were all unsuccessful. You may find yourself in a similar position. Every time we ignore the opportunities God has put in front of us, or make excuses about our schedules or abilities, or stubbornly refuse to move from our zone of comfort we are trying to stop God. We will always be unsuccessful in that endeavor. You can't stop God, so why try? Instead have the attitude that you want to walk through every and any door God has opened to you.


What are some of the doors (ministries, people, activities) God has opened in your life that you are choosing right now not to walk through?

Today's ACTION:

Write down one or two activities that you think you should do, but don't feel fully comfortable doing (for example: inviting your neighbor to church, taking a younger family from church to dinner, getting involved in a ministry at church). Pray about those ministries, specifically that you would not close doors God is wanting to leave open, and talk to an older Christian or a leader in your congregation about how you can take the first step through those doors.


The "Five Minutes with God" articles serve as expansions on the daily Bible study book by the same name. To follow along in this study with us, buy your own copy of the book here.

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