When You Worship - Kiss

The word "worship" carries with it a very strange definition. For the Greek worshiper, worship meant "to kiss the hand" or "crouch before" another. Worship is a time of paying homage and respect to another (i.e. kissing the ring of the king). It is an acknowledgment that we are lesser and coming before a superior.

In Christian worship we come before the Superior. The Almighty, the Creator, the Savior is the object of our affection. When we worship we come, not before some domineering authoritarian, but a loving God deserving of the utmost respect.

When you worship this week, remember who it is you are worshiping. The One True God, the One who saves you stands before you. Remember His sacrifice, and His care. When you come to worship you come to bow before One who deserves the utmost respect from us.

During the Lord's Supper this Sunday, take time to pray specifically for your relationship with God. Pray that you would better submit to Him each and every day, and thank Him as our Master for forgiving the debt of sin we owe.

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