What We Leave Behind

At the end of the book of Genesis (49-50) we are given record of the deaths of two individuals who are both a large part of the Genesis narrative and significant figures in the history of Israel.

Try to run from it as we might, death is a reality that all of us has to face at sometime. Knowing this it's important that we think about what is left behind when someone passes. When someone dies they leave behind families, friends, pain, hurt, and longing. Christians who pass away leave behind even more. They leave behind a strong spiritual example, biblical wisdom and understanding, life lessons, fond memories, and a legacy of faithfulness.

Loss is not easy, but it helps to know it is not final. For the people of God there awaits a family reunion of epic proportions in the presence of our great Father.

Today's ACTION:

Some of you reading this have recently experienced loss, for others the loss is years in the past or years ahead of you.

For those experiencing loss now, I pray for your strength to carry on. Take the time to mourn as Israel mourned for Jacob and Joseph (Gen. 50:7-11).

For those who have experienced mourning in the past, I encourage you to take what you've learned and come alongside those experience pain now. Such encouragement is our responsibility (2 Cor. 1:3-4).

For those who have yet to experience loss, know that you are surrounded by a family of people who have been there before and will be there to encourage you. Know also that while the pain of loss hurts, it isn't final.


The "Five Minutes with God" articles serve as expansions on the daily Bible study book by the same name. To follow along in this study with us, buy your own copy of the book here.

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