Jesus Holds Your Hand

Yesterday, we talked about our plans, how they fall apart, and why that's okay. We watched as Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, the first of several unfortunate events that would befall him. After being sold into slavery, Joseph will find himself accused of attempted rape (Gen. 39) and thrown in jail (Gen. 40). Throughout every poor circumstance, the Lord is said to be with Joseph (Gen. 39:2, 3, 21, 23).

In the midst of difficult times it gets easy to forget the presence of God. Despite our condemning of it, we still carry with us the mentality of Job's friends namely that if things are going wrong, God must not be with us. This mentality disregards the freewill actions of others and holds up material blessings as the barometer for spirituality. In truth, God is always with us watching over us, taking care of us, and working in even the poorest of situations to better our lives through His plan (Rom. 8:28).

Today's ACTION:

One of the best was we can remember the presence of God is to keep communication open with Him. Here is a practice I recommend trying today: the next time you get in or out of a car/building (do this multiple times if possible) say a quick prayer as you are walking thanking God (for the day, your friends, your family, etc.) or petitioning God (for wisdom, guidance, etc.). This prayer doesn't need to take up a lot of time, but make it count. Talking to God regularly, even for a short time multiple times a day, will help you to remember His presence in your life.


What are some other ways we can keep God's presence at the forefront of our minds, especially when things aren't going according to plan?


The "Five Minutes with God" articles serve as expansions on the daily Bible study book by the same name. To follow along in this study with us, buy your own copy of the book here.

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