We Have a Better Covenant

In the television show Deal or No Deal, contestants choose between 20+ briefcases filled with varying amounts of money from one dollar to the ultimate prize of one-million dollars. As briefcases are knocked off the board the potential to win the million-dollar prize increases (unless that briefcase has been eliminated).

The catch is this, in-between each round the banker calls and offers you a deal, keep playing for the million dollars or take a guaranteed amount that is significantly lower to walk away right now. After each offer the host then asks the question “deal or no deal?”

Deals are nothing new. From the earliest parts of the Bible we see deals, or covenants, struck by God to His creation. Throughout the Old Testament we read about God’s covenant with Israel containing some 600+ laws and a sacrificial system that served as a regular reminder of their sinful nature. When we come to the New Testament, a different covenant is given. A covenant that Hebrews calls “better” (Heb. 7:22-8:6).

What makes it better?

First, the sacrifice of Jesus is better than the animals from the old covenant.

Second, Jesus is a better high priest than any men that served in that capacity.

Third, because of Jesus sacrifice we could look at the covenant and reflect on the grace of God instead of our own sinful selves.

As Christians, we are blessed to enjoy a new, beautiful deal with God. A deal that provides better promises, is based on a better message, and will ultimately find it’s conclusion in bringing us to eternity with God.

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