Jesus is a Better Messenger

In the opening verses of the book of Hebrews we are encouraged to compare and contrast two covenants, specifically in regards to how they were given.

“Long ago” we are told that God delivered His saving message through prophets (1:1), but now God speaks to us through His Son (1:2). The Son, Jesus, then has His credentials laid out for us in 1:3:

He is the radiance of the glory of God

He is the exact imprint of his nature

He upholds the universe by the word of his power

He is the purifier of sins

He is seated at the right hand of God

All of these things make Jesus “better” than the angels both in name and message.

The rest of the chapter shows quote after quote from various locations in Psalms proving that Jesus is more highly regarded by God than any messenger, angel or otherwise, before Him. As a result, the message He delivers deserves to have closer attention paid to it in order to find our salvation (2:1-3).

The message that makes us Christians, that provides us with the grace of God, that cleanses us from our sins, and gives us the hope of an eternal life with God is the best message ever delivered to those on the face of the earth. It is through Jesus, the better messenger that we both hear and gain access to the saving message of God.

Thank God that He speaks to us now through His Son. What a blessing it is to be a Christian!

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