The Value of Sunday and Wednesday Evenings

Growing up, I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Sunday and Wednesday night services. Some nights I was busy with homework or too tired, and other nights I just didn’t have any interest in going.

As I got older and started to take my faith more seriously, I realized the value in attending Bible classes and evening worship services.

You Receive Encouragement

Evening services and Bible classes provide us with another opportunity to come together with our church family and share in the hope we have by coming to worship God together. The presence of other Christians, friends, and God all provide much needed encouragement for the rest of the week.

You Receive Knowledge

Bible classes are often a lot more in depth than the sermons you hear on Sunday morning. Classes allow for more time to cover passages and subjects more intently. This in turn causes us to grow in relationship to God (Col. 1:9-10).

You Receive Relationship

Additional times of worship and study allow us to form deeper relationships with both God and with each other. This church is one of the most welcoming churches around, and that is because the people in it have a genuine love for God and others. Why not show up as often as you can you share in that love more often?

Sunday and Wednesday evenings are valuable providing much needed encouragement, and growth in knowledge and relationships. If you’ve never really been a faithful attendee of Sunday and Wednesday evenings you may not really know what you’re missing out on, but know this, you are missed by those who are here whenever you’re not.

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