Continuing Appreciation for Our Children

This past Sunday night some of our young men got up to lead our minds in worship. They raised their voices in song, led us in conversation with God, read from His word, and spoke to us a message from God. They are to be commended for the courage to stand before others, as are their parents for raising young men who are willing to serve in this way.

Encouragement is essential to growth. Titus and Timothy needed Paul. The Apostles needed Jesus. So to our young men and women need encouragement to continue in their leadership and spiritual growth.

Parents of children, continue to study with them and train them to be brave for God. Have devotionals together daily. Grandparents mentor your grandchildren and teach them about God. Church, let the children of this church know that you are proud of them and their growth. Pray for them often.

Children are truly a blessing from the Lord (Ps. 127:3-5). Let’s be sure to treasure them and treat them as such.

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