Who's In Charge Here?

Picture this: You’re finally sitting down to eat after waiting for minutes just to be seated. The waitress brings your drinks and then leaves for awhile before coming to ask you about what you’d like to eat. Your order gets taken and it takes a lot longer to cook than you thought. Your food finally arrives only for you to find out, they got your order wrong.

Hopefully this has never actually happened to you though it has certainly happened to someone I’m sure. When you encounter so much disorder in one place, like the restaurant above for example, it’s natural to wonder and maybe even ask out loud “who’s in charge here?”

Unfortunately, this question is all too common a question for many today not in regards to restaurant, but life. Every day it seems there are new reports of suicides, school shootings, violence, poverty, illness, sudden tragedy, and more. It’s easy to wonder, with all the chaos that goes on in the world, if anyone is in control here.

Habakkuk actually asked God this question twice in the opening chapter of his book. In 1:2-4 he asks God why the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer first before going on to ask God why He does nothing to stop the pain we experience on earth (1:12-17).

The Lord gives answer to Habakkuk with these words “the Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him” (2:20).

It’s easy to ignore the good that’s happening in the world as a result of God in favor of elevating the bad. It’s easy to blame God for the evil we observe, even though He isn’t the cause of it. In times of trouble, God still reigns. It’s through Him that evil people experience and harmed people find hope. God is in charge here, and we all need that reminder from time to time.

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