Upcoming Events and How You Can Support Them

We’ve got a lot of events coming up in the near future here. Today we wanted to take some time to list some of these events and let you know what you can do to support them.

Building Better Families – It takes a lot to have a great family, and a lot to host a seminar on how to have great families. Our deacons did a great job in organizing the last seminar, and will need your help to be able to do it again. Reach out to John Dennis, Jeff Spess, and Mike Nishimuta to see how you can help with this event.

Lunch and a Bible Study – Our Lunch and a Bible Study series is starting back up in September. Tony will be teaching on the subject of “Why We Believe” over the course of six weeks. The biggest thing you can do to support is to be there and talk with the people of the community who show up.

MOVE Conference – The MOVE Youth Conference is a new conference beginning this year in downtown OKC. This is the first year of the conference, but already looks to be a great event. Jack needs chaperones for the event. If you have any questions, contact Jack Dodgen.

Most of all, you can be in constant prayer about these events that they would be successful and ultimately lead others to Jesus.

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