A Spiritual Surprise

When we consider great evangelists in the Bible, there is probably none greater than Jesus. Jesus was a master at speaking with others. One reason for this is because of his great ability to turn something physical into something spiritual. Take his conversation with the woman at the well in John 4 for instance.

In John 4 we see several contrasts of the spiritual with the physical. Let’s note some:

1) She came for physical water, he offered her spiritual water (4:7-10)

2) She talked about the physical part of worship, Jesus told her about the spiritual side of worship (4:20-24)

3) The disciples discussed physical food, Jesus turned the conversation to spiritual food (4:31-34)

These are just a few examples of turning physical to spiritual that we find here in John 4. This section of Scripture should serve as a great reminder for us what our focus should be when we talk with people. We need to be spiritually focused and look for opportunities to turn something physical into a spiritual surprise.



What are some other physical to spiritual contrasts you see here in this passage?

Are there any other evangelistic principles you see here in John 4?

What happened as a result of Jesus having a spiritual discussion with this woman?

What are some ways you can turn a physical conversation into a spiritual conversation?

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