April 29, 2019

David was more than just the king of Israel. A talented singer and song-writer, David would often pen Psalms praising the Lord for His deliverance, salvation, and might. Near the end of David's life he thanks God for all that He has done throughout David's life (2 Sam....

April 24, 2019

Today's devotional (2 Samuel 12:1-14) covers one of the Old Testament's stand out moments: David's adultery with Bathsheba. David, a man who is widely characterized by his faithfulness to God both before and after this event, is shown here having fallen from grace. The...

April 22, 2019

Distraught over the differences between his house and God's house, David speaks to Nathan about building a great house for the Lord (2 Sam. 7:1-29). Though his intentions are good, the Lord's house is not for David to build, that being said, the Lord rewards David for...

April 17, 2019

In our reading today (1 Sam. 26:1-25), we find David in a position he has been in before, he has an opportunity to take out Saul before Saul can kill him. Rusty Hills, the author of Five Minutes with God, notes here that the phrase "the Lord" occurs 15 times throughout...

April 10, 2019

I recently finished a book called "The Art of Storytelling". In it, the author explains methods and practices he has taken to become a better speaker and illustrator. He also shares a bit about his biggest struggle as a speaker, his terrible stutter.

The author's name...

April 9, 2019

One of the most difficult expectations of God to uphold is that of humility. Admitting that we do not know everything, do not fully understand something, and do not have the full picture can be difficult for us, but it's so very necessary to our faith. 

Faith is simply...

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