He Sees You

Hagar was nothing more than a slave woman from Egypt to Abram and Sarai, at least until they received the promise that one day Abraham’s offspring would number more than the stars in the sky (Gen. 15:5). Not knowing how God would fulfill this promise in their old age, to Abram and Sarai, Hagar became someone to use and abuse to bring about the fulfillment of this promise (Gen. 16:1-5). The end result? Harsh treatment and anger from Sarai (Gen. 16:6). The theme of “sight” plays a major role in the life of Hagar (Gen. 16:13, 14; 21:16, 19). To Abram and Sarai, Hagar was nothing more than a slave, but to God she was so much more. God saw Hagar for who she really was, a soul whom He loved. We ha

God is Listening

Hannah was relentlessly taunted and depressed beyond what she could bear. All she wanted was a child. The opening chapter of 1 Samuel is a roller coaster of emotions. Hannah goes from depressed to joyful in a matter of verses, but the actual amount of time it took to get there was vast. Hannah was a part of a very religious family. “Year by year” they went up from their city to go down to Shiloh to worship God (1:3, 21). Each time they went down, Peninnah Elkanah’s other wife, verbally assaulted Hannah over her barrenness. This left Hannah depressed and unwilling even to eat (1:6-7). Through all of this her faith remained, and she prayed and prayed in the temple for a child (1:15-18). Ultima

Can Anybody Hear Me?

Every day 100 million people flock to Twitter to post their thoughts on goings-on in 280 characters or less. The website, which began in 2006, quickly gained popularity because of its ease of use, its quickness in dispensing information, and its appeal to those who want to have a voice. People like, and even need, to be heard. We want to know that our opinion matters and that what we have to say has value. Social media seems like the perfect place to express yourself and your thoughts to others. Unfortunately, the noise of millions of others drown everything out and instead of contributing opinions we feel are valued, we’re left feeling like we’re just adding to the noise. In Jesus our need

A Sense of Belonging

A few years ago, I was able to travel to Ghana, West Africa for a month. After a few weeks of teaching in the preaching school there, I spent a couple days alone in a hotel room in the city of Accra waiting for my departure date to arrive. If I wanted food, I had to go out and get it and every time, though the people were very friendly, I couldn’t shake the feeling of lonesomeness I felt. I was surrounded by people, and yet I felt alone. All of us, to some degree, want to feel like we belong. We look for belonging in hobbies, people, online, and in our occupation. Ultimately, these things cannot provide the need of belonging we have. This Sunday begins our sermon series called “Social Needia

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