It Is Enough

“Go, return on your way…” (1 Kings 19:15) These words came from the Lord to the prophet Elijah when he was at his wits end. Elijah was done fighting, done feeling alone, and done running. “It is enough”, he said to the Lord, “take away my life” (19:4). Can you relate? God’s people are not immune to failure, and certainly not immune from the feeling of failure. Busy schedules, social pressures, work demands, health concerns, expectations, financial burdens and a number of other stresses can leave us feeling like Elijah does here. To Elijah’s pain God provides for him (19:5-8) reminds Elijah of who his God is (19:11-13) and encourages him to keep going (19:15). “Go, return on your way” is a p

Training the Next Generation

Today's reading (Dt. 31:1-29) is book-ended by acknowledgement of Moses' mortality. Moses was old and he was going to die. He wouldn't be able to lead Israel forever, and now having brought them to the Promised Land, it was time for Moses to go be with the Lord. Deuteronomy 31 serves as a "passing-of-the-torch" chapter that sees Moses handing the reins over to Joshua as the new leader of Israel. In this transition of leadership, Moses is sure to: Encourage Joshua (6,7) - Twice in this passage, Moses says to Joshua "be strong and courageous". The next generation needs to be encouraged to lead. They need to know that things will work out and that God will be with them. Set Joshua up for Succes

What God Provides For and Expects From His Followers

God expects a lot out of those that follow Him, but He also provides for His followers to a great degree. In our reading today (Dt. 7:1-26) these two truths are prominently shown through God's example and teaching to Israel. Here's what this passage shows us: God Provides Victory (7:1, 2) - The opening verses of this text tell us what God has done or will do. We are told that God will bring them into the land and that He will give the enemy over to them. These action words of God continue throughout the section as well (see how many you can find!). God is the One who has provided and will provide for Israel. The same truth is true for us today. God Keeps His Promises...And Expects Us to Keep

Are You Paying Attention?

One summer, my family traveled to Turner Falls to enjoy a weekend or so of vacation. My siblings and I were bound and determined to swim in every place we could during the trip (I still remember my horrible sunburn) and we eventually found ourselves at one of the ponds that had a waterfall feeding into it. Not being a very good swimmer myself, I inched closer to the waterfall as best I could clinging to rocks and mapping out every step. You can guess what happens next. I, a young, inexperienced swimmer, got overly-confident, slipped and plunged under the water. As soon as I went under the water, so did the hand of my mother and I found myself quickly pulled up to safety. I learned this lesso

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