Did You Smile This Week?

This past Sunday evening we spoke about the joys of Christianity and were encouraged to smile sometime this week, even if the situation we were in wasn’t one of joy. Did you smile this week? Don’t worry, this isn’t a test. If you did smile, great! If you didn’t, here’s some good news, you get another opportunity. There’s still joy to be found in the message of Christ (Phil. 1:15-18), in the unity He provides (2:3), in the work He has given us (2:17-18), in the relationships He’s formed (2:28-30) and in the Lord Himself (4:4). These blessings are ours every day. We wake up under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, with His message in our hearts, and with a family bonded together by love, grace, and

Pressing Toward Unity

This past Sunday evening we had our first Salt and Light gathering of 2018. In addition to a great lesson from Jeff Spess and finding out what group we’re a part of this year, we also received a sheet with some special actions to take throughout the year. This year our Salt and Light groups, sermons, and even some of our classes are themed around the idea that “We Are One.” While it’s good to talk about unity we do not simply want to be a people who discuss unity, but live in such a way that we facilitate it in this congregation. That’s what the sheet is for. Each month we’ll look at a different area where God wants us to be unified and each month we’ll have a specific action to take in orde

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